Monday, 12 January 2015


Exactly, bummer. I'm supposed to be at work today but landed at the clinic instead, AGAIN. AND ON A MONDAY. AGAIN.

What I dread about a Monday clinic -
1. The queue is exceptionally long because we know that it's an open secret that at least 50% of Monday illnesses are feigned. Please, get the hell back to work and give those who are dying a chance to see the doctor! Fortunately there were two doctors on duty today so I didn't die while queuing.
2. No matter how legit my symptoms are, there is still a high chance I'll be associated with those morons in (1) the next day I return to work. HEY! STOP IT OKAY?

Talking about bummer, I do actually have a bummer t-shirt, and some might already noticed on my instagram posts.
The face on Pikachu will be the face I make tomorrow when I hear "I'm soooooo concerned. So if you are sick just go home!" loop for fifty times or "Oh, you are sick, really? HAHAHA" joke.

And so last week I received an email notification from ZOZO - a massive online shopping mall from Japan. They were going to feature me in the tee and the pants on Fig & Viper's product pages! "Certified by staff" apparently. More legit that Monday clinic goers I would say.  Boots are the ones featured on Dr. Marten's #ShareYourStyle app October entry.

Here's a screencap on ZOZOTOWN. You can find this photo here (Pikachu tee) and here (heart cut-out boys denim). I'm pretty sure I got all the good DNA from my mum and dad so I'm not sure why they cropped my face. (I'm hoping it's the problem with their layout.)

Here's the original photo with half of my face.
Was wearing the exact same thing on Saturday when I was approached by a slimming centre promoter who tried to pass me a flyer. I just gave it to her, like, "HELLO? I AM WEARING A CROPPED TOP? If I'm oversized, WHERE DO YOU THINK I GOT THE CONFIDENCE FROM?". Hey, I worked freakin' hard to put myself into these tiny jeans. If there were anybody else who needed a slimming treatment it's the promoter herself.

Monday, 5 January 2015


A little delayed Happy New Year to all!!

My mom was nice. On day two, the first working day of the year, she started my year by giving me a mysterious scolding. Didn't know what's that for and still don't know.

2014 ended on a very happy note. In mid-Nov I was informed that my entry won their October "Share Your Style" app thing! HOW WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? "Overjoy" is an understatement. Like, waaaaaaay too happy. I mean, how many people on Earth has this chance? Perhaps 12 humans a year. Could be a little more. I swear all my luck in 2014 was used up in this and over-drafting a little into 2015's.

You guys probably seen the entry some time ago. (Recoloured version on the right side of this page!) BUT ANYWAY, YAYS!!
Docs in here are a pair of Pascal. Usually Docs are lined with yellow thread, but this thread used in these is white. Why I even bought this pair of Pascal is simple. BECAUSE MY LOVE (Tsuyoshi Domoto) WORE THESE, or rather something similar,  IN HIS DRAMA!! HOW CAN YOU NOT BUY WHEN YOUR FAVOURITE GUY WEARS THEM?
The screen cap is super blur, but you get it. By the way this drama is supposed to be a lousy parody of Ghostbusters. So lousy it's gooooooooooooooood. My white shoe laces are almost dying, so time to get a longer pair of laces like his! I just went to DM yesterday and totally forgot to buy anything. SHOKKU. AHO. BAKKKA.

The perk of being the month's selected human is, you get to choose a new pair of Docs. Tried my best to make it worthwhile:
And I think I made a right choice. Even one of the senior management at my workplace was digging them. This should be from the latest collection. Tattoo pattern never fails!

*Wears Docs in tub*

Sunday, 21 December 2014

A very confused neogirl look.

This 2nd hand Snidel cropped top which was waaayy cropped than it appeared on the website, a "Japanese Rose" bikini set courtesy of touchmeswimwear at orchardgateway and a couple of pinup girl themed earrings from bornprettystore. I tried to piece up these latest items in my wardrobe to see if they ever work together.

The result? A very confused neogirl look. Actually I don't even know what I am doing but I hope the result is satisfactory. At least, this look works at the pool! AND I am very grateful that touchmeswimwear shared the look on their instagram account.

The bikini set was worn as inner and short-shorts - a specifically banned item at my school.  touchmeswimwear's sets are pretty versatile - you can wear them both on land and in water! Keep the short-shorts thing at home or inside your hotel room though! Unless you don't mind getting photographed by curious folks at the mall or stalked by weird old men. #truestory #ohnoididnt I mean I've seen people wearing short-shorts with exposed g-strings at the mall and they didn't mind the unwanted attention. Damn those hipsters. Literally hipsters.

Stole a photo from touchme to show you how it looks from behind - cute lace up design!
And this is how stupid I look at the hotel pool. Yes, I was wearing specs to correct my blindness, as well as allowing water to go into my eyes as I swim.

In case you're interested in the pinup earrings, these are bornprettystore's clearance items and are no longer available. However they update new stuff every week, so please hop over to their site to take a look! If you ever buy anything, remember to enter "LEET10" in the coupon section to get an additional 10% OFF on top of the free international shipping they are already offering.

In mid-Nov, I was contacted by Dr. Martens who picked me as their October's Share Your Style winner! I'll update about that in a bit!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

I'm still alive!

I'm still alive!! And, finally received my long waited pair of circle sunglasses that has been lost in transit for months. Literally months.
Worth the wait actually, because it's super cute. From the ever-reliable By the way, and shipping is free worldwide. Additional 10% off when you checkout with my exclusive coupon "LEET10"! Shipping is usually pretty fast and reliable. However, if your parcel is taking too long, you can always contact their nice and polite staff who will check on the shipping progress. Special shout out to my dear Jenny, who is always so helpful and answers my stupidest special requests. ♥ ♥
Just to make my hair look a little less plain, I twisted it into Shrek ears. Nice try I'd say, for someone who's going to turn 30 in three years.

To end off today's short post, very sorry for the yet another long absence. I was job hunting - while the sunglasses were getting lost in the sea, I was staring at the PC for about 2-3 months to look for something that pays. Landed one after a longer wait than my parcel and so far I'm happy with it. No longer fashion though! So finally I can get home on the dot to be with my Wii U (console)♥ I'm starting to bloggie bloggie again since I now have a life. Keep coming back and apologies again! Follow my instagram @inazuuma for closer-to-real-time updates.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Live in Japan? Nah.

Very long absence + SORWEE!!!!!!! 

Here's the final styled-in-Japan outfit before I left for good! Hope you'll try something similar this summer (or not, your choice!( ̄ー ̄)) Fig&Viper's denim bustier used in this look was also previously featured in my late spring/early summer post over here and Ironfist's "Nightmare Catcher"skirt from my late winter look here.
Majority of the super cute accessories in this look were from as usual! The heart sunglasses, cross earrings, unicorn stud, lion necklace and a probably Cartier inspired nail ring in gold were all from here (THANKS!!❤)
This look was also an experiment for myself to see how many accessories I can throw into a single outfit before I start looking like a homeless person or the front of a garbage truck.
Few words of caution to those who are intending to get the unicorn stud. Although it's an excellent and super kawaii product, be sure to order two pieces if you intend to wear on both ears. Also, its needle and catcher parts are opposite from those of a usual earring i.e. the head's the catcher and the tail's the needle which made it quite difficult for me to wear. Make sure you have sufficient time to put it on before you go out.

BPS' simple gold ring could be Cartier-inspired or maybe not. Just saying was the first thing that crossed my mind when I first saw it on BPS. I am still trying to ask for saving up for the actual Juste un Clou thingy!
If you're interested in getting the same stuff + more awesome stuff from, remember to enter my coupon code "LEET10" when you check out!! Now, back sorting out my life back in Singapore! ❤❤❤ (My number/email address are all the same just in case you need to contact me!)

Friday, 9 May 2014

Let me repeat again.

As much as I may look like the super cool Sailor Mars, the same hair colour and wearing a similar dress, kind, brave, super cute and all, this is NOT A COSPLAY.
For the how many times I've said - LEARN TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE. You can see I don't wear a choker on my forehead. (FYI I love Sailor Moon but no cosplays.)

Anyway. Ran out of places to shoot and went to the sea. A total disaster. Winds at the sea totally messed up my hair. Some sea equation or what? The more perfect the hair, the stronger and douchier the winds.
Today's look is about forcefully combining sailor + horror-kawaii items to recreate a pin-up (Asian) girl look. Not too bad an end result though! I thought I wouldn't have been able to pass off a pinup-ish look (because I am Asian and some times I forget I am Asian). Still looks okay! Many thanks to my ikemen man restyling everything on the spot at the beach + newly acquired divine powers from Goddess Photoshop, I was able to salvage my hair. No thanks again, sea typhoon breeze.
Creating a horror-kawaii look is simple. Just stick an eyeball, a zombie limb or a bone onto your hair. I chose (BPS) 's skeleton hair pin, one item that I always wanted to have! It came in a thousand colours and I was so lost! Picked a red and a blue at the every end. Almost in tears when both came in the mail. TOO AWESOME! United Kingdom brand KREEPSVILLE666 carries similar ones too! They even have skeleton necklaces and in diamante! Gosh! Want them for my wedding!
Sailor dress not from Sailor Moon but from Harajuku brand kawi jamele. KJ's stuff are designed by J-POP singer Milliyah Kato. Cool gal.
Satchel with regards from my dearest friend and sis Sheen. She definitely has the best fashion sense! Can't wait to see her back at home soon!

Ending off again with a coupon code! If you'd like to spook up your hair like mine or looking for other awesome items, visit my friends at and enter my coupon code "LEET10" upon check out. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014


"Layering using a bische", they say. "Wear a bische over a long sleeve t-shirt for a more grown-up look," they say. "Wear a bische over a sleeveless top to look more girly," they say.

I am not saying there should be a rule about how to or not to wear a bustier (commonly known as bische/ビスチェ by the Japanese). I am just not convinced about these Spring/Summer looks that have been appearing in every single Japanese fashion magazine at the bookstore.
Wiki "bustier" and it states explictly  it's "a form of lingerie". Lingerie = INSIDE, tops = ON TOP. I've no idea why Japanese magazines are digging these Superman styles. Bustier on top of a long-sleeve t-shirt? Maybe I'll close an eye. BUSTIER ON A SLEEVELESS TOP?! IS THERE EVEN A POINT?!

Anyway bustiers are one of the really-really-must-have items now because summer is gonna be hot like crazy. (Spring is almost hot like crazy). Got myself one from my current favourite brand FIG&VIPER!! OOOHHH SHINY SHINY GOLD BUTTONS!! Of course I didn't wear a top under it. I'd be slapping myself.
Opted for a [chemical-washed x indigo] denim + denim look! Foldable high-waist skinny pants is from my other favourite brand, GLAD NEWS. FOLDABLE! Seriously, when I move back to Singapore I'll run out of clothes to wear because Shibuya/Harajuku clothing brands have so much personality.

Okay, I kinda lied about Spring being hot, 'cos on the photoshoot attempt, it was freezing, my thinnnnn adidas originals parka, as expected, provided no warmth and we had to retreat. Hence photos styles slightly differ - sepia (shot on first day) and colour (shot on a different day). And oh, sorry about the laundry at the neighbour's. I didn't realise until the shoot was concluded and couldn't erase it nicely in Photoshop.
A little on the accessories! Studded and spiked love from (BPS)! I'm wearing their gold+leather studded bracelet and around my wrist, their spiked leather hairband also wearable as a necklace or bracelet. The perfect items for a punk or rock style!! I was so surprised the studded bracelet made my skinny wrist looked normal. At first I was kinda afraid it would be too big for me but no, it was totally not the case! Phew! Both these items add up to lesser than USD$10. Ya know, sometimes when you get spiked/studded stuff from the mall, those metal parts aren't actually metal but some strengthened plastic thingy. In contrast, these BPS items, despite their low price, their metal-looking parts are properly made true metal parts!
On my skinny fingers are a tangled heart ring from Agnes B. Yokohama, gift from, erm, nevermind and a priceless steel ring handmade by my husband-to-be!

Here's how BPS' spiked leather hairband looks like when worn as what it should be worn as. I've been stalking Stylenanda's spiked hairband styles for half a year and am so lucky to find an exact one at a fraction of Stylenanda's price on BPS! I didn't really know how to use such a hairband so it took me a little time to figure out how to wear it properly. It looked really kawaii once I figured out everything. Hair styling advice? IMAGINATION.

BPS' also carrying these FIG&VIPER-ish Lion earrings which I knew I HAD TO GET THEM the first time I found them on the site. TOO CUUUUUUTE!!! A lion-something item never fails!! And the choker!!Diccha know diccha know diccha know? I MADE IT. Awesome desho? ♥ The aunty at the countryside crafts shop thought I wanted to commit suicide when I asked if the shop sells stuff for a "CHOKEr". Serious.

I've also uploaded one of these photos to Dr Marten's Share Your Style page on facebook, you can try finding me there too!
If you're interested in getting the same stuff + more awesome stuff from, remember to enter my coupon code "LEET10" when you check out.
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