Friday, 11 July 2014

Live in Japan? Nah.

Decided that I want to have nothing to do with Japan ('cept the clothing and my man) and took quite a bit of time moving out and cancelling stuff. Hence the very long absence + SORWEE!!!!!!! 

Here's the final styled-in-Japan outfit before I left for good! Hope you'll try something similar this summer (or not, your choice!( ̄ー ̄)) Fig&Viper's denim bustier used in this look was also previously featured in my late spring/early summer post over here and Ironfist's "Nightmare Catcher"skirt from my late winter look here.
Majority of the super cute accessories in this look were from as usual! The heart sunglasses, cross earrings, unicorn stud, lion necklace and a probably Cartier inspired nail ring in gold were all from here (THANKS!!❤)
This look was also an experiment for myself to see how many accessories I can throw into a single outfit before I start looking like a homeless person or the front of a garbage truck.
Few words of caution to those who are intending to get the unicorn stud. Although it's an excellent and super kawaii product, be sure to order two pieces if you intend to wear on both ears. Also, its needle and catcher parts are opposite from those of a usual earring i.e. the head's the catcher and the tail's the needle which made it quite difficult for me to wear. Make sure you have sufficient time to put it on before you go out.

BPS' simple gold ring could be Cartier-inspired or maybe not. Just saying was the first thing that crossed my mind when I first saw it on BPS. I am still trying to ask for saving up for the actual Juste un Clou thingy!
If you're interested in getting the same stuff + more awesome stuff from, remember to enter my coupon code "LEET10" when you check out!! Now, back sorting out my life back in Singapore! ❤❤❤ (My number/email address are all the same just in case you need to contact me!)

Friday, 9 May 2014

Let me repeat again.

As much as I may look like the super cool Sailor Mars, the same hair colour and wearing a similar dress, kind, brave, super cute and all, this is NOT A COSPLAY.
For the how many times I've said - LEARN TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE. You can see I don't wear a choker on my forehead. (FYI I love Sailor Moon but no cosplays.)

Anyway. Ran out of places to shoot and went to the sea. A total disaster. Winds at the sea totally messed up my hair. Some sea equation or what? The more perfect the hair, the stronger and douchier the winds.
Today's look is about forcefully combining sailor + horror-kawaii items to recreate a pin-up (Asian) girl look. Not too bad an end result though! I thought I wouldn't have been able to pass off a pinup-ish look (because I am Asian and some times I forget I am Asian). Still looks okay! Many thanks to my ikemen man restyling everything on the spot at the beach + newly acquired divine powers from Goddess Photoshop, I was able to salvage my hair. No thanks again, sea typhoon breeze.
Creating a horror-kawaii look is simple. Just stick an eyeball, a zombie limb or a bone onto your hair. I chose (BPS) 's skeleton hair pin, one item that I always wanted to have! It came in a thousand colours and I was so lost! Picked a red and a blue at the every end. Almost in tears when both came in the mail. TOO AWESOME! United Kingdom brand KREEPSVILLE666 carries similar ones too! They even have skeleton necklaces and in diamante! Gosh! Want them for my wedding!
Sailor dress not from Sailor Moon but from Harajuku brand kawi jamele. KJ's stuff are designed by J-POP singer Milliyah Kato. Cool gal.
Satchel with regards from my dearest friend and sis Sheen. She definitely has the best fashion sense! Can't wait to see her back at home soon!

Ending off again with a coupon code! If you'd like to spook up your hair like mine or looking for other awesome items, visit my friends at and enter my coupon code "LEET10" upon check out. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014


"Layering using a bische", they say. "Wear a bische over a long sleeve t-shirt for a more grown-up look," they say. "Wear a bische over a sleeveless top to look more girly," they say.

I am not saying there should be a rule about how to or not to wear a bustier (commonly known as bische/ビスチェ by the Japanese). I am just not convinced about these Spring/Summer looks that have been appearing in every single Japanese fashion magazine at the bookstore.
Wiki "bustier" and it states explictly  it's "a form of lingerie". Lingerie = INSIDE, tops = ON TOP. I've no idea why Japanese magazines are digging these Superman styles. Bustier on top of a long-sleeve t-shirt? Maybe I'll close an eye. BUSTIER ON A SLEEVELESS TOP?! IS THERE EVEN A POINT?!

Anyway bustiers are one of the really-really-must-have items now because summer is gonna be hot like crazy. (Spring is almost hot like crazy). Got myself one from my current favourite brand FIG&VIPER!! OOOHHH SHINY SHINY GOLD BUTTONS!! Of course I didn't wear a top under it. I'd be slapping myself.
Opted for a [chemical-washed x indigo] denim + denim look! Foldable high-waist skinny pants is from my other favourite brand, GLAD NEWS. FOLDABLE! Seriously, when I move back to Singapore I'll run out of clothes to wear because Shibuya/Harajuku clothing brands have so much personality.

Okay, I kinda lied about Spring being hot, 'cos on the photoshoot attempt, it was freezing, my thinnnnn adidas originals parka, as expected, provided no warmth and we had to retreat. Hence photos styles slightly differ - sepia (shot on first day) and colour (shot on a different day). And oh, sorry about the laundry at the neighbour's. I didn't realise until the shoot was concluded and couldn't erase it nicely in Photoshop.
A little on the accessories! Studded and spiked love from (BPS)! I'm wearing their gold+leather studded bracelet and around my wrist, their spiked leather hairband also wearable as a necklace or bracelet. The perfect items for a punk or rock style!! I was so surprised the studded bracelet made my skinny wrist looked normal. At first I was kinda afraid it would be too big for me but no, it was totally not the case! Phew! Both these items add up to lesser than USD$10. Ya know, sometimes when you get spiked/studded stuff from the mall, those metal parts aren't actually metal but some strengthened plastic thingy. In contrast, these BPS items, despite their low price, their metal-looking parts are properly made true metal parts!
On my skinny fingers are a tangled heart ring from Agnes B. Yokohama, gift from, erm, nevermind and a priceless steel ring handmade by my husband-to-be!

Here's how BPS' spiked leather hairband looks like when worn as what it should be worn as. I've been stalking Stylenanda's spiked hairband styles for half a year and am so lucky to find an exact one at a fraction of Stylenanda's price on BPS! I didn't really know how to use such a hairband so it took me a little time to figure out how to wear it properly. It looked really kawaii once I figured out everything. Hair styling advice? IMAGINATION.

BPS' also carrying these FIG&VIPER-ish Lion earrings which I knew I HAD TO GET THEM the first time I found them on the site. TOO CUUUUUUTE!!! A lion-something item never fails!! And the choker!!Diccha know diccha know diccha know? I MADE IT. Awesome desho? ♥ The aunty at the countryside crafts shop thought I wanted to commit suicide when I asked if the shop sells stuff for a "CHOKEr". Serious.

I've also uploaded one of these photos to Dr Marten's Share Your Style page on facebook, you can try finding me there too!
If you're interested in getting the same stuff + more awesome stuff from, remember to enter my coupon code "LEET10" when you check out.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Gaikokujin? Gaikokujin? Koreanna? Koreanna?

One thing awesome about Tokyo - trains. No, not those shuttling sardine cans you see on some Japan Hour programme. THESE.

Recently bought a semi-pro DSLR and decided to spend a little more on train tickets just to get into Tokyo Station's Shinkansen platforms to do some test shots and try on the lastest and currently fastest Shinkansens "E6 Komachi" (red) and "E5 Hayabusa" (emerald). "Komachi" means in Japanese Akita dialect "beautiful lady" and "Hayabusa" is an agile species of eagle. At a certain stretch of the Tohoku Shinkansen Line, their top speed hits 320km/h, which I have yet to, perhaps never will experience because I'll probably need to sell my TV to do that. Isn't that ridiculous that Shinkansen rides actually cost more than domestic flights?
Seeing folks in down jackets? Yep, this' a waaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooo laaaate post. Everything was shot in February, the coldest month in Japan and it took me until late Spring to get everything nicely edited. Anyway back then I never gave a damn about the weather (8 deg, sunny) and only wore a thin MA-1 Jacket, cropped tank top, high-waist shorts, boots and a camera strapped over my jacket. Totally touristy, totally regrettable.
Dead by the time I finished the test shots. Started queuing up for the my train, not knowing it was the wrong queue for a later train. Tokyo Olympics 2020 huh? Where the English signs? Then this train otaku dude tried to be very kind and asked me in some Tohoku-ish dialect if I am really waiting for this particular later train. He went on to try to ask me for tea or something. NO WAY DUDE. I didn't reply at all and he kept asking "Gaikokujin? Gaikokujin? Koreanna? Koreanna? This? Train?". THE FUCK DUDE WHAT'S A "KOREANNA"? I tried so hard not to laugh, headed back to where I came and found the right queue. The shit that I always get if I pay for a non-reserve shit - weird-as-fuck people. The price to pay for being cheap though, can't complain more. Come to think of it, I should have replied him "Ya know? Wakaru? Mirror? Kagami?? Look??? Face???"

Oh yes Shinkansen tickets allow for transfers in between different trains as long as you pay the correct fare so it means I get to board 2 different kinds of trains for my very short 1400yen ($14), 25-minute trip.
Boarded the right train to do a little more test shots at Ueno's underground platform. Can't get used to DSLRs. Still doing fine with a little Photoshop help.
Transferred to the next train here, a "Hayabusa" train to meet up with my friend at the next major station, Omiya. She was kindly waiting at the Shinkansen exit so she could punch me for taking a bullet train to visit her at a place totally accesible via a normal train at a friendly, civilian price of $5.

There's so much more photos that I still want to share! If you are interested, please see my genious test shots over here on my facebook page (no sign-up required)→

Ending with the mandatory what-kind-of-camera-used show off thingy. PENTAX Q10 in RED!! READ THAT? READ THAT????

All photos taken and edited by me. Please credit if you intend to use any of them, if not I will find you and tie you onto one of these trains JUST LIKE THIS:

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Gym Leader

My other job option could be that of a ghost type Pokémon Gymleader. I could beat the crap out of my Kanto area Psychic-type counterpart Sabrina.
The Gym Leader outfit is the perfect Harajuku horror-kawaii theme, which is my personal style. The Bony Hand Peace dress from Harajuku brand Candy Stripper is the most expensive dress that I ever unimaginable $400!! (Japanese yen exchange rate was crazy in 2012!) It was totally worthed though, since you don't come across a dress this good any other day.
I'm recycling the suspenders from Emoda and Dr.Marten's-looking GU sandals used in my Neogal outfit. Click here or scroll down if you missed it. I looked totally different!

Scary necklace ($2.99) from Bornprettystore (see similar at KREEPSVILLE666) + eyeball ribbon's from KREEPSVILLE666♥♥ BPS is selling a blood-splattered version + lot of vivid colours as well, but for this outfit, the white one was the best. Thanks to its simplicity I've been using it together with almost any other outfit I put on. It just goes with ANYTHING♥ Gold rings ($1.99) for a more convincing official Pokémon League look are also from Bornprettystore. These are from the set of nine that were also featured Neogal outfit.

If you are interested in the accessories and wanna get 'em all, be sure to enter my exclusive coupon code LEET10 upon check out for a 10% OFF! Also, shipping is free worldwide! Still better deal that your Bargain 'O' Power.

Stop giving me weird stares and assuming I am part of a otaku fan-club at an anime festival. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. Stare some more and I will chop you into a thousand pieces and feed them to my Jigglypuff.

Friday, 28 March 2014

I don't know who you are, but I am going to find you...

and HIGH FIVE YOU!! Yeah I'm talking about Bornprettystore, which I have been talking about forever. To be honest I didn't quite know about them until my dear friend Keit introduced them to me. It's also my first to get something from a non-Japanese site, which was an awesome experience thanks to Officer Jenny (unrelated to Pokémon). She's always helpful and sweet!

One thing about the store, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS FREE!!! You don't have to pay for DHL/UPS/EMS/whatevBS 'cos our friends at Bornpretty's got everything nicely covered. They send via trackable international post, you can find out roughly which day it arrives, just no idea at exactly what time the postman would show up. I know they are fucking ninjas who will only come when I leave for my ice cream break that's why I decided to wait for the whole afternoon. The samurai postman came five-ish finally...dinner time. ARIGATOU, DUDE, NO MORE ICE CREAM.
Here are the stuff that I styled and will feature over two posts and their links here:
Chain choker (USD$11.99) + 9-piece rings ($1.99) coming up in a bit and skeleton necklace ($2.99) in a separate post. Amazing prices right? The CEO at my ex-company will cry if he ever finds out about Bornpretty because he will never never never never be able to offer such great stuff at such a low price. Remember to enter my exclusive coupon code (life-time validity) "LEET10" when you check out for an extra 10% OFF ANYTHING (now my ex-CEO will probably commit a train suicide because bornpretty's offer is just too incredible!)
Today's post will be about a "NEOGAL" style. If you already know about Neogal styles, you would have noticed I featured at least two styles - the Nightmare Catcher and Tokyomuse on the blog. For those who's not very sure of  the "Neogal" concept, a Neogal is one who combines and balances POP stuff from Harajuku and Gal (gyaru) items from Shibuya + 80/90s vibes. She dresses to express, not to impress nor dresses to please/appeal to guys. I am not very sure about the typical gyaru, but gyaru magazines often feature pages on how to dress to seek attention of guys. The typical gyaru-s have blonde hair, while neogals have either jet black hair or rainbow colour hair. A popular neogal icon would be Alisa Ueno, creative director of Japanese clothing brand FIG&VIPER.
Enough of explanation here's my latest look! All the talk about jet black and rainbow colour hair, mine's dark brown. HAHAHA and SORRY! Doesn't look so bad right? In fact I had jet black hair , just that the dye didn't last for too long. I'll do it again in April!
Neogal-ish top and bottom from GYDA, which has their main shop on the 7th floor of Shibuya's iconic 109. The man at my house was recommending me to get a turtleneck top because he thought it suits me and I got one from GYDA's A/W2013 "Avantgarde Hipster" collection at their sale. I'm digging lots of high-waist stuff these two seasons and got some more from GYDA's S/S2014  "Milk Me" collection. The one thing about the pants though, its pockets ARE MERE DESIGNS. I am a Doraemon thus need real pockets for my stuff.

The suspenders were an usual find at Emoda, another Neogal brand. Their S/S2014 concept is Pin-up Girl, don't know how they are going to put a harness type suspenders into their season looks. Shoulder straps are removable so you can just use only the belt if you like. Most neogals have one harness-related item in their outfits. Could be in a form of accessories like suspenders, or a top or skirt that come attached with harness stuff.

Decorated garter belts are also another must have in neogal styles. I finally got one from FIG&VIPER at Shinjuku on Monday. It's decorated in golden threads and really cute jewels. Everything looks handmade, which could be why F&V's garters are never on sale and cost quite a bit for an accessory (around $39!) Putting on the garter belt requires some skill. The first time, I strapped it too tight and my charsiew (Cantonese roasted pork) was spilling everywhere. And then just before taking this photo I loosen it a bit too much it is like...hanging. OOPS!

Shoes are from Uniqlo's sister brand GU! Looking a bit like Dr. Martens eh?
Accessories that further compliment the neogal look are from Bornpretty store. Here are the links again so be sure to get them if you are interested! Chain choker-necklace (USD$11.99) + 9-piece rings ($1.99) + further 10% OFF with coupon code LEET10! Yaaaay!
I'm grateful to Bornpretty for making these rings adjustable because I have the skinniest fingers. The choker necklace is awesome too because there are many slots at the back for adjusting. If you tighten it becomes a choker with chains. Loosen up a bit and it becomes more of a chain necklace, which is what I did this time as I was wearing a turtleneck top.
Before I end and forget, Bornpretty will be sending out stuff to the giveaway participants soon! Watch your mailboxes! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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