Monday, 18 May 2015

Sarpok Local Artists!

Received couple of hello mails and a collab invite in the last two weeks and almost cried. Like my leader at work always says "whoever talk to us are our ally". Therefore, thank you my dear allies♥  Please please please feel free to approach me for any writing/graphic design/fashion styling stuff.

(I'm no longer an employee of some Tokyo online store so I can't and don't, sponsor clothes for bloggers anymore, nor send me your styling photos for 2012/2013 collections. To make it a little more explicit,  "Now*Idon't*Style".) 

To the topic - SAPOK LOCAL ARTISTS! "Sapok" is the Singlish (colloquial English) equivalent of "Support". Today's piece was done up by my one of my kohai-s (junior) from my part-time-times, now talented local (Singaporean) independent designer/artist Sarah Thursday! Her designs are all so pretty I had a hard time choosing what I wanted to get! Click on her name above for FB or here to visit her at her online store. Ships Worldwide!

The piece I eventually chose from the sea of awesomeness was "Mortality", a collaboration with her local designer friend Ultra Violets. I like how the goldfish is swimming through the astronaut dude. All her stuff on sale are also printed in Singapore, so you don't have to worry about the quality. The tee is so comfortable and I've been wearing it, with a pencil skirt, to my office even on Mondays!

"HEYYY I thought you no longer work in fashion?!"

Anyway, this coordinate is good for your, what you call that, Coachella, Rochella  or Coachformelah or whatever upcoming Notformelah music festivals, which I don't care lah. It's good because you'd be able to hike through the mountains without tripping on long skirts. The only thing bad is you probably gonna end up donating to blood mosquitoes. Whatevs, charity! (Click here for another music festival coordinate from my Now*Ican*Style era.)
Ribbon from Joelle Gagnard and garter belt from Fig&Viper.

Sorry for not taking a proper photos with shoes, but I recommend this coordinate with a trusty pair of UNIFs (or other red/black/white/violet creepers). Don't attempt to hike in them, though.
Come back and visit me again soon!

Monday, 11 May 2015


You know who else's on LB's Instagram?

Nah. Look closer...
*tears flowing* and with like 8400-ish Likes currently. Too good for an idiot like me. Thank you LB!!
There were a couple of people commenting either on my photo at LB's insta, or under my nose at my insta, saying that someone else they know look like me. Nope, just nope. All "lookalike" claims have been scrutinised independently by MY MOM (and pops). Please talk to her if you're not convinced. In fact I don't even look like my mom. If you're going to insist I look like somebody please say it's Mika Nakashima.
Will not except others. Well...maybe only Eva Mendes at most, said my Filipino friend.

Please visit my lame LB page here 
and DEFINITELY follow my awesome insta here

Saturday, 2 May 2015

No longer in fashion, I am.

I am *GUESSING*, by now, most should already know I no longer work in a fashion company. I'm saying this because, until last month, I am still receiving emails asking to be "scouted" for free clothes or ootds of whatever-is-your-style. Hey no no no no no. Thank you. 

However if you're emailing that you are wishing to collaborate with me regarding graphic designs and styling (me wearing your clothes or me styling clothes for you), please, by all means, drop me a line!

Right now I'm employed at a place where you (say, mainly) get your cash counted, stored, and then counted again if you decide that you need to see them again. (See, this' why I told you not to email me about "HEY CHOOSE ME TO MODEL YOUR CLOTHES!") I'm not doing the actual counting. I'm also not the one seeking people to give us an opportunity to count their cash. This is probably why I've some freedom on my Monday-Friday fashion. If you're going to say, "hey I thought you said you no longer work in a fashion company?" Eh. shut up.

What you see on Mondays-Fridays will be a toned down version though, less the $5 Johnny Depp hat and the very elaborate dame choker by UNIF. Back lace tank top's from TOPSHOP six years ago and even alive! You see no lace because I'm not using a DSLR, sorry.
Sorry, had to.
Skirt's from quirky-kawaii ahcahcum-muchacha. Let you not guess, from Japan. If you clicked the link provided, you could tell that I probably wished I own a whole wardrobe of their stuff. Unfortunately, their prices are steep. This high waist skirt's a whopping $200!
Of course, to reiterate my current employment, presenting Richie Rich (Joyrich collab).

"Hey for the last time I thought you said you no longer work in a fashion company?"

To wrap up, again, please, stop mailing me your ootds or asking to be scouted. In any case,  if there's anyone who needs to be scouted, that person is me.
Just an in-house advert, scroll down or click here to view my Pikachu post featured on ZOZOTOWN!

Monday, 12 January 2015


Exactly, bummer. I'm supposed to be at work today but landed at the clinic instead, AGAIN. AND ON A MONDAY. AGAIN.

What I dread about a Monday clinic -
1. The queue is exceptionally long because we know that it's an open secret that at least 50% of Monday illnesses are feigned. Please, get the hell back to work and give those who are dying a chance to see the doctor! Fortunately there were two doctors on duty today so I didn't die while queuing.
2. No matter how legit my symptoms are, there is still a high chance I'll be associated with those morons in (1) the next day I return to work. HEY! STOP IT OKAY?

Talking about bummer, I do actually have a bummer t-shirt, and some might already noticed on my instagram posts.
The face on Pikachu will be the face I make tomorrow when I hear "I'm soooooo concerned. So if you are sick just go home!" loop for fifty times or "Oh, you are sick, really? HAHAHA" joke.

And so last week I received an email notification from ZOZO - a massive online shopping mall from Japan. They were going to feature me in the tee and the pants on Fig & Viper's product pages! "Certified by staff" apparently. More legit that Monday clinic goers I would say.  Boots are the ones featured on Dr. Marten's #ShareYourStyle app October entry.

Here's a screencap on ZOZOTOWN. You can find this photo here (Pikachu tee) and here (heart cut-out boys denim). I'm pretty sure I got all the good DNA from my mum and dad so I'm not sure why they cropped my face. (I'm hoping it's the problem with their layout.)

Here's the original photo with half of my face.
Was wearing the exact same thing on Saturday when I was approached by a slimming centre promoter who tried to pass me a flyer. I just gave it to her, like, "HELLO? I AM WEARING A CROPPED TOP? If I'm oversized, WHERE DO YOU THINK I GOT THE CONFIDENCE FROM?". Hey, I worked freakin' hard to put myself into these tiny jeans. If there were anybody else who needed a slimming treatment it's the promoter herself.

Monday, 5 January 2015


A little delayed Happy New Year to all!!

My mom was nice. On day two, the first working day of the year, she started my year by giving me a mysterious scolding. Didn't know what's that for and still don't know.

2014 ended on a very happy note. In mid-Nov I was informed that my entry won their October "Share Your Style" app thing! HOW WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? "Overjoy" is an understatement. Like, waaaaaaay too happy. I mean, how many people on Earth has this chance? Perhaps 12 humans a year. Could be a little more. I swear all my luck in 2014 was used up in this and over-drafting a little into 2015's.

You guys probably seen the entry some time ago. (Recoloured version on the right side of this page!) BUT ANYWAY, YAYS!!
Docs in here are a pair of Pascal. Usually Docs are lined with yellow thread, but this thread used in these is white. Why I even bought this pair of Pascal is simple. BECAUSE MY LOVE (Tsuyoshi Domoto) WORE THESE, or rather something similar,  IN HIS DRAMA!! HOW CAN YOU NOT BUY WHEN YOUR FAVOURITE GUY WEARS THEM?
The screen cap is super blur, but you get it. By the way this drama is supposed to be a lousy parody of Ghostbusters. So lousy it's gooooooooooooooood. My white shoe laces are almost dying, so time to get a longer pair of laces like his! I just went to DM yesterday and totally forgot to buy anything. SHOKKU. AHO. BAKKKA.

The perk of being the month's selected human is, you get to choose a new pair of Docs. Tried my best to make it worthwhile:
And I think I made a right choice. Even one of the senior management at my workplace was digging them. This should be from the latest collection. Tattoo pattern never fails!

*Wears Docs in tub*

Sunday, 21 December 2014

A very confused neogirl look.

This 2nd hand Snidel cropped top which was waaayy cropped than it appeared on the website, a "Japanese Rose" bikini set courtesy of touchmeswimwear at orchardgateway and a couple of pinup girl themed earrings from bornprettystore. I tried to piece up these latest items in my wardrobe to see if they ever work together.

The result? A very confused neogirl look. Actually I don't even know what I am doing but I hope the result is satisfactory. At least, this look works at the pool! AND I am very grateful that touchmeswimwear shared the look on their instagram account.

The bikini set was worn as inner and short-shorts - a specifically banned item at my school.  touchmeswimwear's sets are pretty versatile - you can wear them both on land and in water! Keep the short-shorts thing at home or inside your hotel room though! Unless you don't mind getting photographed by curious folks at the mall or stalked by weird old men. #truestory #ohnoididnt I mean I've seen people wearing short-shorts with exposed g-strings at the mall and they didn't mind the unwanted attention. Damn those hipsters. Literally hipsters.

Stole a photo from touchme to show you how it looks from behind - cute lace up design!
And this is how stupid I look at the hotel pool. Yes, I was wearing specs to correct my blindness, as well as allowing water to go into my eyes as I swim.

In case you're interested in the pinup earrings, these are bornprettystore's clearance items and are no longer available. However they update new stuff every week, so please hop over to their site to take a look! If you ever buy anything, remember to enter "LEET10" in the coupon section to get an additional 10% OFF on top of the free international shipping they are already offering.

In mid-Nov, I was contacted by Dr. Martens who picked me as their October's Share Your Style winner! I'll update about that in a bit!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

I'm still alive!

I'm still alive!! And, finally received my long waited pair of circle sunglasses that has been lost in transit for months. Literally months.
Worth the wait actually, because it's super cute. From the ever-reliable By the way, and shipping is free worldwide. Additional 10% off when you checkout with my exclusive coupon "LEET10"! Shipping is usually pretty fast and reliable. However, if your parcel is taking too long, you can always contact their nice and polite staff who will check on the shipping progress. Special shout out to my dear Jenny, who is always so helpful and answers my stupidest special requests. ♥ ♥
Just to make my hair look a little less plain, I twisted it into Shrek ears. Nice try I'd say, for someone who's going to turn 30 in three years.

To end off today's short post, very sorry for the yet another long absence. I was job hunting - while the sunglasses were getting lost in the sea, I was staring at the PC for about 2-3 months to look for something that pays. Landed one after a longer wait than my parcel and so far I'm happy with it. No longer fashion though! So finally I can get home on the dot to be with my Wii U (console)♥ I'm starting to bloggie bloggie again since I now have a life. Keep coming back and apologies again! Follow my instagram @inazuuma for closer-to-real-time updates.
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