Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Gym Leader

My other job option could be that of a ghost type Pokémon Gymleader. I could beat the crap out of my Kanto area Psychic-type counterpart Sabrina.
The Gym Leader outfit is the perfect Harajuku horror-kawaii theme, which is my personal style. The Bony Hand Peace dress from Harajuku brand Candy Stripper is the most expensive dress that I ever unimaginable $400!! (Japanese yen exchange rate was crazy in 2012!) It was totally worthed though, since you don't come across a dress this good any other day.
I'm recycling the suspenders from Emoda and Dr.Marten's-looking GU sandals used in my Neogal outfit. Click here or scroll down if you missed it. I looked totally different!

Scary necklace ($2.99) from Bornprettystore (see similar at KREEPSVILLE666) + eyeball ribbon's from KREEPSVILLE666♥♥ BPS is selling a blood-splattered version + lot of vivid colours as well, but for this outfit, the white one was the best. Thanks to its simplicity I've been using it together with almost any other outfit I put on. It just goes with ANYTHING♥ Gold rings ($1.99) for a more convincing official Pokémon League look are also from Bornprettystore. These are from the set of nine that were also featured Neogal outfit.

If you are interested in the accessories and wanna get 'em all, be sure to enter my exclusive coupon code LEET10 upon check out for a 10% OFF! Also, shipping is free worldwide! Still better deal that your Bargain 'O' Power.

Stop giving me weird stares and assuming I am part of a otaku fan-club at an anime festival. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. Stare some more and I will chop you into a thousand pieces and feed them to my Jigglypuff.

Friday, 28 March 2014

I don't know who you are, but I am going to find you...

and HIGH FIVE YOU!! Yeah I'm talking about Bornprettystore, which I have been talking about forever. To be honest I didn't quite know about them until my dear friend Keit introduced them to me. It's also my first to get something from a non-Japanese site, which was an awesome experience thanks to Officer Jenny (unrelated to Pokémon). She's always helpful and sweet!

One thing about the store, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS FREE!!! You don't have to pay for DHL/UPS/EMS/whatevBS 'cos our friends at Bornpretty's got everything nicely covered. They send via trackable international post, you can find out roughly which day it arrives, just no idea at exactly what time the postman would show up. I know they are fucking ninjas who will only come when I leave for my ice cream break that's why I decided to wait for the whole afternoon. The samurai postman came five-ish finally...dinner time. ARIGATOU, DUDE, NO MORE ICE CREAM.
Here are the stuff that I styled and will feature over two posts and their links here:
Chain choker (USD$11.99) + 9-piece rings ($1.99) coming up in a bit and skeleton necklace ($2.99) in a separate post. Amazing prices right? The CEO at my ex-company will cry if he ever finds out about Bornpretty because he will never never never never be able to offer such great stuff at such a low price. Remember to enter my exclusive coupon code (life-time validity) "LEET10" when you check out for an extra 10% OFF ANYTHING (now my ex-CEO will probably commit a train suicide because bornpretty's offer is just too incredible!)
Today's post will be about a "NEOGAL" style. If you already know about Neogal styles, you would have noticed I featured at least two styles - the Nightmare Catcher and Tokyomuse on the blog. For those who's not very sure of  the "Neogal" concept, a Neogal is one who combines and balances POP stuff from Harajuku and Gal (gyaru) items from Shibuya + 80/90s vibes. She dresses to express, not to impress nor dresses to please/appeal to guys. I am not very sure about the typical gyaru, but gyaru magazines often feature pages on how to dress to seek attention of guys. The typical gyaru-s have blonde hair, while neogals have either jet black hair or rainbow colour hair. A popular neogal icon would be Alisa Ueno, creative director of Japanese clothing brand FIG&VIPER.
Enough of explanation here's my latest look! All the talk about jet black and rainbow colour hair, mine's dark brown. HAHAHA and SORRY! Doesn't look so bad right? In fact I had jet black hair , just that the dye didn't last for too long. I'll do it again in April!
Neogal-ish top and bottom from GYDA, which has their main shop on the 7th floor of Shibuya's iconic 109. The man at my house was recommending me to get a turtleneck top because he thought it suits me and I got one from GYDA's A/W2013 "Avantgarde Hipster" collection at their sale. I'm digging lots of high-waist stuff these two seasons and got some more from GYDA's S/S2014  "Milk Me" collection. The one thing about the pants though, its pockets ARE MERE DESIGNS. I am a Doraemon thus need real pockets for my stuff.

The suspenders were an usual find at Emoda, another Neogal brand. Their S/S2014 concept is Pin-up Girl, don't know how they are going to put a harness type suspenders into their season looks. Shoulder straps are removable so you can just use only the belt if you like. Most neogals have one harness-related item in their outfits. Could be in a form of accessories like suspenders, or a top or skirt that come attached with harness stuff.

Decorated garter belts are also another must have in neogal styles. I finally got one from FIG&VIPER at Shinjuku on Monday. It's decorated in golden threads and really cute jewels. Everything looks handmade, which could be why F&V's garters are never on sale and cost quite a bit for an accessory (around $39!) Putting on the garter belt requires some skill. The first time, I strapped it too tight and my charsiew (Cantonese roasted pork) was spilling everywhere. And then just before taking this photo I loosen it a bit too much it is like...hanging. OOPS!

Shoes are from Uniqlo's sister brand GU! Looking a bit like Dr. Martens eh?
Accessories that further compliment the neogal look are from Bornpretty store. Here are the links again so be sure to get them if you are interested! Chain choker-necklace (USD$11.99) + 9-piece rings ($1.99) + further 10% OFF with coupon code LEET10! Yaaaay!
I'm grateful to Bornpretty for making these rings adjustable because I have the skinniest fingers. The choker necklace is awesome too because there are many slots at the back for adjusting. If you tighten it becomes a choker with chains. Loosen up a bit and it becomes more of a chain necklace, which is what I did this time as I was wearing a turtleneck top.
Before I end and forget, Bornpretty will be sending out stuff to the giveaway participants soon! Watch your mailboxes! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nightmare Catcher + GIVEAWAY!!

Today's post is special because I'm going to hold a first ever giveaway kindly sponsored by my friends at They're always sooooo nice! Before that, presenting the usual blog blabber.

It's the time of the year temperatures fluctuate on a daily basis. It's the time of the year I enjoy watching how Japanese people put on their outerwear. The TV keeps reminding us that it's still winter (winter=cold) and in the next few weeks it will start telling us it's already spring (spring = warm). However logic tells you that you don't need a fur/down jacket on a 15 deg Celsius winter day and you'll need a fur/down jacket on a 6 deg Celsius spring day. Unfortunately logic is inevident in most parts of Tokyo and it's a common sight to see people wearing too much or too little for their own good. "If I don't follow the crowd, I will be labelled as weird," what most of them will say. I'm not talking about the folks at Shibuya or Harajuku though. There, the colder it gets, the more clothes they wear; the hotter it gets the more they put on. (Okkaaayyyy I admit I am semi-guilty in this!)

Anyway, as if I gave two shits about being labelled as weird. I would be honoured someone labels me as "NORMAL". Also, my TV doesn't own my life and I am a huge fan of  LOGIC. That's why during this period I dump my fur jacket and downsize everything to a leather jacket + a thin MA-1 bomber jacket.

Two-piece pairing is a good idea when the seasons change because you can adjust accordingly to what actually happens outside. If it gets too hot, take out one. If it gets too cold, put on both. MAGIC.

choker - GLADNEWS
top- F21 Shibuya
skirt - Ironfist
MA-1 jacket - Uniqlo
leather jacket - WEGO

MA-1's was from Uniqlo. It was a steal, only 1290yen! (around $12) I was having a hard time deciding whether to buy or not because a farmer-uncle was also touching touching that exact MA-1. FARMER. UNCLE. FARMER. UNCLE. Bought it anyway because I thought I will pull it off so much more awesome than a FARMER UNCLE.



NOW, in collaboration with Bornprettystore (, we will be giving away this 5-piece ring set to 10 lucky readers. DON' SAY GOT LOBANG BO JIO!! (Don't say I didn't tell you of good stuff!)

Here are the four conditions that you need to fulfil in order to enter the giveaway.

1. Follow my instagram account (@inazuuma)

2. Follow bornprettystore at, (@bpsfashion)
You must follow both @inazuuma and @bpsfashion

3. Tag THREE of your friends in the comments of instagram post and tell them about Bornprettystore's 10% off all items discount code "LEET10"
If you can't find the post, please search using #tsucchixbps

Finish up, on this BLOG
4. Remember to leave your email address in the comments of this blog post so I can contact you if you are selected.

The giveaway will end on 4th March, noon (Singapore time) and winners will be contacted/announced on both instagram and the blog on the 5th.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

shop open + giveaway preview!

Save the clothes and save the earth! My vintage/used clothing store is now opened. Click or the shop tab on top or hop directly over to to browse and something? I swear everything's really cuuuuute and so are the prices. Since I'm like a EMS shipping champion like most of you might have already known, I will be able to ship worldwide! Further, as a form of appreciation, I'll include candies or eco-bags for every parcel sent to thank you for helping me take care of the babies. いつ買うの?いまでしょ!(When to buy? NOW!)

Still on fashion today, here's a style that took me forever to post. Theme's 80's/90's and styled completely by the man at home. Not bad huh?
The leather jacket was 90% OFF from GLAD NEWS, almost free! I'm also (over)wearing Fig & Viper's signature cropped top. Out of ten times I wear it eight. If you see me wearing anything else during our meeting, time to buy lottery. Was looking for the same thing in a different colour but it was completely sold out. Bad luck!

I wasn't wearing blanket for skirt. It's a REAL SKIRT, an unreleased sample item from NOWISTYLE. They were dumb not to sell this awesome item because it was... entirely awesome. The only problem with it was, there wasn't a size S and I couldn't wear it properly without a belt. I'm letting this baby go because I am too small for it...please save it at the store!

Gave the style a poison overdose with the skeleton ring-bracelet that I got from a random store online. It's a highly sought-after item, out of sale everywhere. I was lucky to have been able to find it at all. I could have won a car at the lucky draw with that kind of luck. Maybe it went entirely to finding that bracelet. NOOOO I NOW WANT THE CAR.

I just want to tell you something before I leave to make dinner. Singlish says "got lobang don't say boh jio" (Don't say I didn't inform you of good stuff) - I'll be holding my first ever giveaway sponsored by my friends at!! Details will be up on LOOKBOOK, the blog and instagram (@inazuuma) tomorrow. It's gonna be a instagram-main event, so please sign up for an account if you haven't got one. You'll also need to tag a few friends, so please stop gaming, stop trying hard to make senpai notice you and go make some.  I was supposed to put it up today but I didn't have so much willpower. NEED DISCIPLINE!!! NEET DISCIPLINE!!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Pilot Food blogger-esque post.

My schoolmate Jasper suggested that we should do a "set up a food blog and write sarcastic reviews for shitty places". Since I have a blog and all the time in the entire world I should do a Chef Ramsay-wannabe test post with the worst grammER (yeah. grammER). The post will end with a guide on how to become the perfect douchebag write the perfect food review.

So here's the place I went to for lunch two days ago. It's a gyoza shop. Gyozas are the Japanese rendition of Chinese dumplings. The lunch set was 600yen (around US$6 or SGD$7.50).
I DO think that the price was REASONABLE? I thought, 'cos there were eleven gyozas + a piece of fried chicken + a coleslaw + a soup.  I DO give this place six stars for their effort and ability to mess up every single thing you DO see on the tray. The gyozas were exceptionally TASTELESS. Nobody screws up gyozas like nobody screws up a packet of instant noodles. Although all eleven pieces were the size of my toes but I swear my toes DO have better umami. Also I have to mention that the gyoza skin was too thin for my liking. To add on, I wasn't sure which was the soup - the coleslaw (a.k.a raw veggie juice) or the soup-soup. Adding a few sesame seeds to hot water doesn't make hot water a soup. DO Try adding sesame to pee and DO tell me if it turns magically into soup. And that lump of sauce on the plate. It hurted my feelings SO MUCH. I thought they were so generous to throw in some buantan Malaysia/Singapore sambal chili sauce for set, but NO it was the typical Chinese bean sauce. But even if it was sambal chili, it wouldn't have been able to save this shitty set lunch.


To conclude, here are necessary conditions to writing the perfect food review.
1. Go to a restaurant. Make it damn clear that you are a food blogger because the staff will be really scared of you and you'll receive the best service. (They might add extra ingredients to your food if you have shit for attitude.)
2. Take shitty photos of your food with your thousand-buck DSLR camera.
3. Go back and write a post about your experience on a MAC, an iPad or an iSomething.
4. Write in the worst grammar. Use tonnes of DOs,  -ed for stuff that doesn't require -ed for past tense and the invincible tag of ALTHOUGH & BUT. Oh oh also add -s to uncountable nouns - FOODS. STAFFS.
5. Always MENTION that some part of the food is either too soft/tough/cold/hot/smashy/squishy for your liking.

6. Don't forget to end your post with dumb suggestions like "it would have been better if the restaurant could give me complimentary dessert or parking."

*Author has worked in the F&B industry for four years and an almost Grade A in English.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


NEET - No education, no employment = this is me!!

The company I was working at decided that it should shut down for good and everyone lost their jobs on the last working day of 2013. HUHHH? Nobody shuts a business down overnight?! A business is not like your favourite instant cup noodles, dude? You don't make a  huge decision and get everything done in 3 minutes!

What's best, nobody bothered to inform their stakeholders, not even their own employee (ME) about the decision? WTF????  I was back in Singapore, but tell me the directors don't know how to write emails or use online messaging tools when their business is about running webstores?  Or, perhaps a bankruptcy declaration isn't something that serious after all. Ahuh ahuh. Whatever.

Heard about what happened from one of my colleagues. Told my parents and they weren't angry, in fact, VERY HAPPY. The company was not exactly the most desirable employer, ya know. The next morning I puked twice - what happens when you finally get released from almost 2 years worth of slavery non-stop work. So what to do now? ENJOYYYYYYY NEET LIFE!!

Shopping for Chinese New Year stuff at Chinatown and totally enjoying the night view at Swissotel the Stamford's 70th floor - waaay higher Marina Bay Sands' SKYPARK!

No thanks to the genius decision makers at the company, I've been taking a lot of time trying to deal with lots of boring applications to get myself compensated over the job loss the minute I returned to Japan. Got to consider myself lucky 'cos so far, all the public servants that I had to deal with (or rather, that had to deal with a foreigner like me) were aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall nice, some sweet and helped made the miserable procedures so much easier. Utterly grateful. 感謝感謝!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Celebrated the first day of Chinese New Year with the darling ex-colleagues in Tokyo. Shinjuku at 5AM in the morning was amazing. So many people waited for the first train to get home!

Monday, 17 February 2014


I recently wrote to a apparel + makeup webstore which you probably heard of - -  and they kindly gave me an exclusive discount code (soooooo nice right they) that I would like to share!! Thanks dear Keit ♥♥ for recommending me this fantastic store and bornpretty's friendly collab staff Jenny for this offer!!

at Bornpretty store (
coupon code: LEET10 
Remember to enter the coupon code when you check out.

If it's used 3 times, bornprettystore and I will be doing some awesome stuff together which in turn I will be sharing with all of you again. Currently it has been utilised TWICE already so would somebody be so nice to buy something there so that my dream can come true? Please please please please lah please lah please lah. Awesome stuff starts as low as 99 cents. STILL BETTER DEAL THAN THE GREAT SINGAPORE SALE. (pppuuuuu - laughing at my own gag now wwww)

Bornpretty store's must-check links♥
IG: @bornprettystore
Coming soon to the blog!!

New look coming soon to the blog or check now on LB (
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